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Hello, I’m David Toledano.
My deep understanding of sacred partnerships comes from over 30 years of experience showing individuals, couples, families, and businesses how to achieve concrete and lasting results in their relationships, conducting hundreds of popular seminars, and establishing a wealth of spiritual wisdom gained through rabbinical experience, and a lifelong search for the secret formula to successful, lasting marriages.

Today, I am a published author, prolific international speaker, executive transformational trainer, relationship expert, and family life coach who specializes in ALL stages of relationships: dating, premarital, marriage, divorce, family, and parenting.

I cannot wait to work with you.

David Toledano

The Missing Ingredient

Let’s address the elephant in the room – that daunting gap between the love-soaked beginning and the harsh realities that marriage often throws at us.

You remember those early days, right? The love was intoxicating; there were sparks, romantic gazes, an insatiable desire for intimacy, unshakeable trust, a sense of oneness, a deep soulful connection, and a friendship that felt unbreakable.

But then, oh then, the butterflies took their leave, and reality, like an unwelcomed visitor, knocked on your door.

Suddenly, you found yourself in the growing club of those who started marriage with dreams only to wake up to a full-blown nightmare.

Let’s be brutally honest – getting married is a walk in the park compared to being married. But (and here’s the game-changer), being married is a breeze, an absolute joyride, a harmonious symphony of two souls dancing through life together – but only if you know what you’re doing.

The world, bless its heart, never mustered the courage to spill the beans on relationships. It skipped the part where it tells you that saying “I do” is just the tip of the iceberg.

The real magic lies in the day-to-day, the mundane, the routine – where you build the foundation of a love story that stands the test of time.

Knowing The Right Recipe

For over three decades, I’ve been in the trenches with couples just like you, witnessing remarkable transformations. Now, I’m not a therapist, psychiatrist, or counselor – I’m not here to douse flames or untangle your problems as they arise.

I’m here to share a tested blueprint to live a mindful yet successful married life.   

What’s intriguing is that the blueprint I’ve seen in action doesn’t just elevate marriages; it has a ripple effect across every facet of life. Families thrive, children experience the warmth of a loving home, careers take flight, and health blossoms.

Whether you’re toddling on the edge of divorce after years of counseling or embarking on a brand-new relationship, the power lies in the right blueprint. It’s the key to unlocking your fullest relationship potential, revealing a life far richer than you might have imagined.

Regardless of how long you’ve been together, follow this blueprint step-by-step and watch your dream marriage unfurl before your eyes.

Are you up for the challenge?

The Modules:

Module 1

Marriage: An Optical Illusion

Module 2

Prerequisite Fundamental: Principles of any Creation

Module 3

The Secret of Creation = Vision and Purpose

Module 4

The Players

Module 5

The Art of Building Connections

Module 6

The Core DNA of Love

Module 7

Your Marriage Business Plan

Module 8

Masterful Communication Skills

Module 9

Relationship Toolbox: Marriage Home Depot

Module 10

Intimacy and Sexuality

Module 11

Personal and Mutual Growth

Module 12

Mentorship and Continuing Success

Let me explain

Marriage doesn’t come with a user manual, and there’s no one-size-fits-all recipe for a happily ever after. It’s not like whipping up a cake where you follow a set of instructions, and voila! You’re left with a perfect marriage.

No, my friend, it’s a lifelong contract with another human being, a dynamic blend of backgrounds, personalities, and desires.

Picture it: You throw together this assortment of ingredients – your unique history, your partner’s quirks, and a mix of desires that don’t always align seamlessly – and expect it to magically result in a flawless marriage.

Well, here’s the harsh truth:

“If that’s your approach, you’re setting the stage for a home filled with conflict, disappointment, and unfulfilled desires.”

Now, pause for a moment. Has anyone ever sat you down and said,

“Here’s the secret recipe for a happy marriage that lasts a lifetime,”

or handed you a blueprint for building a beautiful life together?

Chances are, not many. And that, my friend, is precisely why so many marriages find themselves struggling in the stormy sea of unmet expectations.

But the good news is that…

It’s Never Too Late to Build a Better Marriage

  • Even if you’ve been suffering together for decades.
  • Even if you argue yourselves in circles… or you haven’t spoken in days.
  • Even if your browser is filled with divorce lawyers’ websites right now.

Even then you can build a better marriage.

And yes, I mean BUILD.

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The Recipe
Complete Lifetime Access to the Program
Downloadable Audio Files for Each Lesson
Lifetime Access to Digital Downloads, Worksheets, and Exercises
12 Modules of Course Content
30 Video Lessons
6 Hours of Video Education


Complete Lifetime Access to the Program
Downloadable Audio Files for Each Lesson
Lifetime Access to Digital Downloads, Worksheets, and Exercises
12 Modules of Course Content
30 Video Lessons
6 Hours of Video Education
Free Digital Book
12 Sessions in Person or Zoom With David to Support Creating and Tailoring Your Successful Relationship Roadmap


Complete Lifetime Access to the Program
Downloadable Audio Files for Each Lesson
Lifetime Access to Digital Downloads, Worksheets, and Exercises
12 Modules of Course Content
30 Video Lessons
6 Hours of Video Education
Free Digital Book
12 Sessions in Person or Zoom With David to Support Creating and Tailoring Your Successful Relationship Roadmap
Bi-monthly 1-1 Private Zoom Coaching for One Year
1 Year of Email Support
Rabbi Toledano’s ‘Marriage By Design’ is a game changer. As he states, ‘you can’t go wrong if you just follow the recipe ingredients in a cookbook’! Coming from a household that didn’t have a great marriage, my husband and I were set on being well equipped for the journey we set out to embark on. Through the weeks leading up to our wedding, we attended one of his larger group seminars and had one on one couple sessions that I truly believe provided us with unparalleled knowledge that set the tone for our marriage by offering us new perspectives on relationships, life as a whole, and building a life together. IT ALL MADE SO MUCH SENSE! I continue recommending his seminar to family and friends that are married and those that are dating with hopeful prospects of marriage. I am forever grateful for the knowledge gained through Rabbi Toledano and I am eagerly looking forward to the continuation of ‘Marriage by Design’
Therapy for Individuals, Children, Adolescents, Couples, & Families
Although David’s seminar is titled ‘Marriage by Design’, it could easily be referred to as ‘LIVING BY DESIGN’. David’s manner of coaching is extraordinarily unique and unlike any other coaching or therapy I’ve personally experienced or heard others talk about. He beckons you to look deep within yourself to find the answers because it’s all there when we are in a comfortable and welcoming environment where speaking freely about our desires, goals, and fears is strongly encouraged. I have never experienced a session where a coach or therapist did not attempt to change my point of view until working with David. He actually found value in my perspectives and sought to understand my way of thinking! Through his desire to understand me I learned that my initial feelings and response to matters of life and relationships may not have been authentic to me, but that I had been taught to respond in specific ways that rarely yielded long-lasting, desirable outcomes that I wanted. David teaches people how to have healthy relationships in all aspects of life (personal and work) so that we can feel successful no matter what we are trying to accomplish.
Benjamin Sharfi
CEO at General Micro Systems
My husband and I work in different fields that can often cause issues for married couples. I am an actress and my husband is a surgeon. Rabbi Toledano’s “Marriage By Design” was the answer to our relationship and his coaching was an ongoing source of encouragement when bringing our lives together in marriage. We both knew what we wanted with personal career goals and sometimes it can seem great while you're dating, but things can change after marriage because either one or both people had expectations they didn’t make known or perhaps they talked about it but the other spouse figured they would eventually change their mind or vice versa. That way of thinking often leads to unhappy marriages and maybe even divorce. My husband and I wanted to be in this together and understand each other wholly. Rabbi Toledano taught us how to dig deep into ourselves and overcome the fear of rejection when saying what we need and want. We learned how to be free with each other so that we could build a lasting marriage, friendship, and family. His teachings are never forgotten and are practical for use in many areas of life. David is truly an invaluable soul!
Ilana Guralnik
Movie Actress
Initially I learned about Rabbi Toledano through my work with a television production company and sought out to work with him by showcasing his talent as a “Rescue Rabbi” because that was how he had been categorized. I was engaged at the time to my current husband and hadn’t entertained the idea of pre-marriage counseling, but when Rabbi Toledano asked if we would be interested it seemed intriguing. During our sessions, David coached us on the importance, and value, of expectations and communications. We all know those two things are important but it’s how we convey our expectations and seek to communicate those, among other things, effectively that makes a huge difference. We still actively discuss the lessons learned from David even after years of marriage and having children because we didn’t learn how to communicate more effectively for short-term fixes. The information learned is for long-term solutions. I can’t expect for my husband to do something that would be meaningful to me if I never talk about it with him. He is very honest and forces you to be honest with yourself and what you are looking for. One thing that stood out to both my husband and I was the Rabbi’s question, ‘What does your plate look like that you are bringing to this table?’ The table of course being marriage and marriage to this person is a choice. In comparison to other life coaches I’ve found that most of them want for you to think more broad-spectrum whereas with Rabbi Toledano it is more granular and builds towards the broad context of things because the real work is done pre-marriage in order to create a solid, lasting foundation with yourself and for the person you are choosing to be in a marriage with. Another thing I want to emphasize is that you do not need to be Jewish, or of any faith for that matter, to experience Rabbi Toledano’s amazing work because he transcends faith that is not bound by religious or spiritual beliefs. Some people might be concerned that they will not benefit from his work if they are not Jewish or religious or that they will feel forced into speaking about religion and that just isn’t the case at all. His coaching can help anyone to create a happy home life and having that is a launchpad for other things in our life like having children, and even with career and work environment. We’re just people trying to help each other get through life, and marriage is a huge step. It’s so important to have someone with so much knowledge and experience with their own marriage to help aid others and Rabbi Toledano is that person!
Crystal Ogden
Television Network Paralegal